Chemistry Lane bridge the gap between the intensity and momentum of a rock band, and the clinical electro loops of dance floor hypnosis.

Mirrored Wall will be the first single from the Chester five-pieces’ debut album, written whilst band and lyricist were in separate hemispheres, recorded by a group in retreat in their bunker studio, instilled with a
determination to reimagine and regenerate. After seemingly endless experimentation and alchemy, the band emerged, blinking at a sunlit satellite town, with a debut single and follow on album imbued with the spirit of psychedelia and krautrock, and absorbed in new wave.

Though the ethereal sound that floated through their earlier work is retained, they have moved on from the dreamier soundscapes, instead embracing motorik rhythm and dark edged synthesizers, as illustrated on their forthcoming single Mirrored Wall. Released on September 9th on the Mai 68 label, the song is an exciting, sonic signifier of what is to come from their as-yet-untitled debut album due out early 2018, presently being mixed by Gary Lloyd, a collaborator with comic-book genius Alan Moore, and former collaborator with the late Iain Banks.

Chemistry Lane formed in 2011 and soon after self-released two EPs that comfortably wore their early shoegaze influences, and a warped love of the warped. Swiftly amassing an enthusiastic and loyal audience through their live performances they signed to Manchesters’ Victoria Warehouse Records, releasing a further two singles,
Tearing Wings Off A Butterfly and the dystopian Faustian, before capping off an extremely productive period by storming FestEVOL and impressing all at Liverpool Music Week.

From there, the need for exploration brought them home, to slowly, methodically, loop-on-loop complete their debut album.