Chemistry Lane bridge the gap between the intensity and momentum of a rock band, and the clinical electro loops of dance floor hypnosis.

Following on from the release of the Mirrored Wall single, Chemistry Lane return with El Acusador. A lupine howl rhythmically circling around a solitary chord, its rolling motifs interjected with swarms of insect-like noise, buzzing against a synthetic dark background. El Acusador walks a tightrope, ever aware of our potential to transcend, continually frustrated by our failure to do so.

Edging further from the shoegaze infused soundscapes that featured heavily in their early recordings, El Acusador marks the band’s second release with Mai 68 Records. Recorded as part of their forthcoming full-length debut, it is both singular, and part of a larger aural landscape.

Continuing their relationship with collaborator Gary Lloyd, and alongside the completion of an album, Chemistry Lane have also been involved in the live realisation of The Mirror Of Love. A multi-disciplinary piece combining contemporary dance, spoken word, a string quartet and a rock group, and based on Alan Moore’s essay of the same name.

El Acusador is available from 20th July 2018 as a digital download, or on vinyl from and selected independent record outlets.

With the release of El Acusador, hints of what is to emerge from Chemistry Lane’s sonic foundry are further revealed.